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30 Apr
Ministerial Council to debate “Varoufakis list” at 5pm on Thursday

Ministerial Council to debate “Varoufakis list” at 5pm on Thursday

The bill will soon be tabled in Parliament in order to come to an agreement with the creditors.

The Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has called a Ministerial Council for 5pm on Thursday afternoon, in order to discuss a bill that will include a series of measures, in an effort to come to an agreement with the country’s creditors.

Reportedly the bill includes measures from the “Varoufakis list” and reportedly addresses budgetary issues, tax administration, tenders for television frequencies, taxation of television advertising, administrative reform and reforming the Civil Procedure Code.

According to rumors that began circulating on Tuesday, the bill will include an “emergency tax”, which has yet to be determined. The Finance Minister claimed he was unaware of such plans, when asked.

The measures which the government is to include in its bill will aim to generate 4.7 to 6.1 billion euros and includes the following:

    Making the General Secretariat of Public Revenue more independent.

    Protecting primary residences from foreclosures with criteria closer to the ECB’s demands.

    Raising the luxury tax for swimming pools, yachts, sports cars etc…

    Collecting taxes on television advertising and extending it to electronic media

    Carry out prosecution in cases of tax evasion

    Implementing legislation which precludes the payments in cash for debts over 1,500 euros

    Payments towards public utilities, as well as taxes, fines and levees towards the general government will not be payable in cash

    Providing “bonuses” to taxpayers who are prompt with their payments

    Implementing measures to combat the illicit trade of fuel, alcohol, cigarettes and VAT evasion

    Introducing a “receipt lottery” to curb VAT loses

    Increase tax audits and inspection of lists of suspected tax evaders

    Establishing a wealth register, while granting tax auditors full access to bank data

    Adopting a model of separating VAT payments

    Providing incentives for the payment of taxes, in relation to cases which affect judicial decisions

    Raising ticket prices for archeological cites and museums